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Music Samples

by Iron Works Studios

From electronic beds and minimalist melodies to articulate strings and thundering drums. License a pre-made track or have us create original content for you. Pre-made pieces can be nuanced to your project's needs, from tempo to individual instruments to major and minor feels.


All samples by Iron Works Studios and A Song in The Storm © 2018



Having produced over 100 audiobooks to date, we are uniquely equipped to bring your story to life with a range of narrative possibilities. A cast of characters, exotic accents, male and female voices, even a soundtrack. Whatever your story requires, we will provide it. We work directly with authors and audiobook publishers from beginning to end in order to achieve a cohesive and polished product.

We are Iron Works Studios


Based in New York, we design the audio landscape for your commercial, radio spot, video game, trailer, tv episode, film, and audio book. We work with some of the most innovative musicians and voice over artists in the world to provide ambitious ideas for ambitious clients. 


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