Ok, I'm in! What do i get?
Then What Happens?

Each session is then designed around working to build your strengths and fill in the gaps in your vocal technique. We achieve this through a series of technical singing, breathing, and muscular exercises as well as song performance. 

Each singer and each lesson will be different. Your voice is unique and requires (and will receive) our fullest attention. 

What Happens when i start?

Between you and me, a voice lesson should be whatever you want it to be. ​​​That means that you should never be backed into a corner and told what you can and cannot do. Music is a personal expression and it is our job to help you create the music you want to create as best you can. 

With gentle guidance based on years of learning and practical working musicianship we want to help you get the most personal voice lesson possible. 

What is in a voice lesson?


Everyone receives a 30 minute free consultation and voice assessment. During this time together we will discover your strengths as a singer and identify your needs. We then begin a training regimen tailored to your specific needs.  

If you experience allergies or have a sensitivity to seasonal weather changes, a custom vocal health regimen can make all the difference. Even if you don't experience these issues, everyone can benefit by fortifying their voice through safe, natural, and sustainable methods.
We work with certified herbalists and doctors to provide you with the highest quality natural vocal health regimen possible. These natural vocal health products specifically heal, strengthen, and protect the voice and airways and have been used for quite literally, hundreds of years around the world. 

- Included in your training or available as a stand-alone service
- 30 minute free consultation and vocal health assessment
- Vocal Health Guide to Seasonal Singing
- Personalized Vocal Health organic tea blend 
- Customized organic herb, root, and flower tincture created for your specific vocal health needs. This blend will be designed for you and will serve to   strengthen, clear, and relieve swelling of the soft tissue of your vocal apparatus as well as clear and strengthen the airways of your respiratory system. 

Vocal Health Regimen

We make practicing so easy, there's no reason not to! Whether your style is Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Singer/Songwriter, or Musical Theater you will be provided with:

- Personalized Breathing Exercise Routine

- Individual designed Vocal Exercises

- Personal Voice Warm Up Regimen 

- Instrumental tracks of your songs to practice with

- Personal Vocal Health Regimen

All of your exercises, instrumental tracks, and warm ups are delivered to your email as MP3 files so you can practice anywhere!