Songwriting is not as simple as waiting for creativity to strike and then putting a poem to a tune. Good songwriting requires dedication and work. Together we will discover how you can train yourself to write productively and consistently. Let us show you how to find inspiration rather than wait for it. 

With gentle guidance based on years of learning and practical working musicianship we want to help you get the most personal and practical training possible 

What is in a Songwriting lesson?
Then What Happens?

We make practicing so easy, there's no reason not to! Whether your style is Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Singer/Songwriter, or Musical Theater you will be provided with:

- Writing Techniques and Daily Exercises
- Lyric Analysis and Song Structure

- Intro to Music Theory

- Recordings of your original songs Music -

- Industry/Business Coaching
- Copyrighting and Publishing Coaching

Ok, I'm in! What do i get?
What Happens when i start?


Each session is then designed around working to build your strengths and fill in the gaps in your writing technique. We achieve this through a series of writing exercises based around both lyrics and melody. We address topics concerning relevant musical structure, theory, and composition. 

You will be provided with exercises and songwriting tools to help build and strengthen fruitful songwriting habits.

Everyone receives a 30 minute free consultation and writing assessment. During this time together we will discover your strengths as a writer and identify your needs. We then begin a training regimen tailored to your specific needs.