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"Michael Ferraiuolo did a great job on an ok story...he differentiated the voices nicely and dealt with the emotion that was in the story well."

"The narrator did an excellent job--male and female voices are nicely differentiated, and his pacing and inflection were good. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this series!" 

"He truly brought Cade to life with his smooth, easy voice and Irish brogue. I could listen to him all day"

"Listening to it was like smelling freshly baked bread. Music to my ears."

"The narrator, Michael Ferraiuolo was fantastic. He was perfect for reading this story. He kept my attention throughout the book."

"He did a great job! I would listen to others he narrates!"

"I was quite impressed, will definitely look for more of his work."

"Pleasant voice, sounded like he actually enjoyed narrating the story, and characters were distinct enough that it wasn't hard to follow the dialogue."


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